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FMA Co-Pilot 2-Channel Flight Stabilization System

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

The FMA Direct Co-Pilot™(PN CPD4) Flight Stabilization Unit (FSU) is a patented system that senses the difference in infrared signature between the earth and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to provide 100% real time, day or night stabilization about two axes on any model. Its action may be visualized as the equivalent of a string tautly stretched between the center of the earth and deep space on which the model is constantly held so that it can not turn downward unless commanded. This new technology will revolutionize the training of R/C pilots for airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. Every club and every RC hobby dealer will want one to increase the number of successful pilots and reduce the number who crash their ARF/RTF trainer, never to return to the hobby. The sticks can be used normally to command the model through any maneuver it is capable of, yet, the moment the sticks are centered, the model immediately rights itself, even from inverted flight. Buddy boxes will no longer be needed as Co-Pilot has proven to be the most effective way possible to train new flyers and to assist all flyers. The instructor no longer needs a transmitter.
If you use the CPD4 Co Pilot with a Futaba PCM receiver, FMA Direct recommends the 605SB servo buffer (installation instructions included with the CPD4 manual)
4 Sensor, 2 Axis Infrared Thermo-technology Flight Stabilization System maintains level flight for aircraft and heli. Stabilizes pitch and roll for almost any R/C aircraft. The CPD4 does not handle CCPM helicopters or aircraft configurations that include differential ailerons or flapperons.



ASW28 Fibreglass Glider

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment


Beautifully finished, this faithful replica of the famous ASW28 sport glider is an excellent performer and is superbly attractive with its mirror finish gel-coat fibreglass frame making it also very agile and efficient.