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Turnigy 380MG Micro Servo

March 29, 2010


Turnigy 380MG Micro Servo (Metal Gear) 3.6kg / .15sec / 15.6g
This servo is designed to be used in R/C glider applications. Increased width, carbon nylon gears and very precisely machined teeth make the gears strong and smooth. Output spline is the same as Futaba 25 tooth, so all Futaba type horns can be used.
This servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connector also known as a “Universal Connector”. Even thought this servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connectors, this servo is electrically compatible with Futaba receivers.

1. Metal gear
2. curve gear with smooth.
3. M9.6 ball bearing (si-oil)
4. Extra Strong torque with low signal affect and success get CE certification.
5. Rubber fitting case for waterproof
6. Designed to be used in R/C glider applications.
7. Same with Futaba 25 tooth spline

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