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Eagle Tree Video OSD Pro Expander


An exciting and creative way to include data in your flight videos.
Eagle Tree OSD Pro system is completely modular.
Simply use your eLogger or Data Recorder, the OSD Pro Expander, and any additional sensors you want to display.

The OSD Pro is a powerful, modular, fully configurable Video/Audio On-Screen Display (OSD) device, providing graphics, voice announcements, alarms, acoustic variometer with total energy compensation, Home Arrow, Return to Home, Failsafe, RADAR, waypoints, a flight simulator for testing, and many other features.    The information displayed can be as simple or advanced as you like, depending on how you configure the display, and on which optional Eagle Tree sensors are connected.

All parameters available with the eLogger V3 and Data Recorders + optional sensors will be supported for display on the OSD Pro.
Here are some examples:
GPS Parameters (Distance to Home, Home Arrow, GPS Altitude, Ground Speed,Course, and more)
Electrical Parameters (Pack Volts, Amperage, RX Volts, Servo Current, Milliamp-Hours, Watts)
Performance Parameters (Airspeed, Barometric Altitude,  Climbrate, Variometer,Temperatures, RPM, G-Force, EGT, Jet ECU Status, servo positions)
Receiver Health (Dropped Frames, Antenna Fades, Missed Packets requires Spektrum or JR FlightLog compatible Receiver)
Call Sign, and many more

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